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The Course-Ayla Nereo

“This breath we been given,
this life we are tending,
this garden we are seeding,
for the ones yet to come.”

Welcome everyone to the Mindful Mama Blog written by me, Melissa. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all about all things Pregnancy, Birth, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Mamahood & More ! This Blog also serves as a Safe Space and Vessel for other Mama’s and Partners to share their Birth Stories & Journey into Parenthood. I’m a first time Mama with a heart to serve others through sharing my daily stories and the transformative Journey of becoming a Mama. Professionally I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York, Wellness Advocate, and Yoga Teacher. Personally, I’m a daughter, wife, Mama to a sweet boy named Paulie and Goldendoodle named Bailey. Being a mother or any parent calls for our Presence, every day, moment by moment. Hence, the idea of “Mindful Mama” was born. Becoming a mother has been my greatest teacher, healer & transforming agent in my life. May this blog inspire you, empower you & challenge you.

Love & Light, Photo May 06, 7 59 39 AM


  1. What a beautiful inspiration to truly be present with ‘what is,’ no matter what life and the universe puts in our paths. Education is so important during this phase of our lives as women. Always ask questions, and always demand answers.

  2. my goodness you made me cry several times. what an incredible experience you went through! It is all worth it in the end!! He is perfect <3

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